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Laser Eye Surgery - a personal experience


What actually happens to you when you undergo laser eye surgery? What does it feel like? What can you see? The nitty gritty of laser eye surgery is treated with the same taboo as the nitty gritty of giving birth – basically, no one will tell you! The general assumption is that ‘you don’t want to know’ – but I wanted to know and I can’t be alone! The closest I got to an introduction to the real business of giving birth was from a friend who whispered in my ear, “It hurts like *%&@ but you soon forget.” She was right, but I would have appreciated a bit more info.
The same goes for laser eye surgery.
At the age of 48, I had finally decided to have ‘blended’ lasik laser eye surgery. My dominant eye now sees long distance and the other eye sees close up. My brain has learned to deal with this and the result is very satisfactory. I went in to surgery ‘blind’ (pun intended). I had very little idea of what to expect, despite my efforts to find out. So, for those of you considering lasik laser eye surgery, who would appreciate a little more nitty gritty info, here it is.
I have written a completely non-technical account of my whole experience: the events leading up to my decision to have the surgery, my personal experience in the operating theater and my recovery notes, triumphs, warts an’ all.
If you are thinking of having laser eye surgery, this book will give you a really good idea of what you might expect to happen in the theatre – what happened to me, what it felt like and what I saw.

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